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Death is a topic that the vast majority of people do not want to think about, much less talk about. However, discussing one's funeral and burial arrangements, and how they are going to be paid for, is an essential part of estate planning. Final expense insurance is designed to help cover the expenses that family members will have as they plan your memorial service. Determining how final expenses will be covered is just as important, if not more important, than preparing a will and an advance medical directive. Funeral insurance provides a relatively inexpensive way to have these costs covered. This will allow grieving family members the opportunity to remember the special times you had together without being worried about the cost of the funeral.

Final expense insurance is unlike life insurance plans for seniors. The goal of final expense insurance is to cover the cost of the funeral service, the casket, and the burial plot. Life insurance policies usually start out at around 10,000 dollars, and because of this, the premiums that an individual pays are much higher. Understanding that the face value of a life insurance policy may be far beyond what an individual needs to just cover their burial expenses, final expense insurance policies are designed with a lower face value. Often times, they are no more than a few thousand dollars. This is just the right amount of money necessary to cover funeral expenses and guarantee that your family members will be able to celebrate your life in the way that they want.

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